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Tweeting from BCS football bowl games is probably against the rules…but that’s okay

Posted in BCS, football, hawkeyes, Orange Bowl, sports journalism, twitter by adambsullivan on December 24, 2009

The BCS doesn’t want news outlets to compete with television broadcasts. Accordingly, the list of media guidelines for covering bowl games is miles long and very direct. As far as I can tell, the rules say reporters cannot tweet from inside the stadium. But I’m no legal expert (not a sports reporter, either) so I was a bit fuzzy on what the rules meant.

To confirm, I tried to get in touch with someone at BCS or the Orange Bowl, but wasn’t successful. Instead, I did some twitter crowd-sourcing. The verdict: The rules say no tweeting, but most news orgs are probably going to do it anyway.

Mike Hlas, Gazette sports columnist: Looks problematic. Let’s see what happens at the Rose and Sugar bowls to see if they disobeyed the BCS like we will.
Jamie Kelly, Gazette social media guide: I’d say limited Tweeting, for sure.
Laura Bergus, tech-enthusiast and uiowa law student:
Just b/c it violates their terms doesn’t mean it’s *legal* to keep you from doing it, but then again, u wanna go to court? 😛
Laura Bergus, tech-enthusiast and uiowa law student: Well, folks sure live-tweet game descriptions from home all the time. Haven’t heard of anyone getting dinged…yet.

The BCS doesn’t want people following their favorite sports reporter on twitter instead of tuning in to the game on TV. However, if a reporter is good at twitter, his or her posts will be a supplement to the game, not a replacement for it. My football reporters don’t just tweet the score and the big plays; they add unique commentary that (hopefully) no other human is capable of providing.

All reporters — sports or not — should be adding something to the discussion, not just posting facts and information. If that’s the case, they won’t be stealing viewers away from the game.

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