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Weekly email: Be cognisant of what medium best conveys what information

Posted in convergence, daily news, The Daily Iowan, twitter by adambsullivan on October 25, 2009

By Adam B Sullivan
Here’s an excerpt of my weekly staff email:

This week’s goal:

Have something with every story: a video, a graphic, a list of related links, audio of your interview. Be cognisant of what medium best conveys what ideas/information — being able to do that will get you a job someday.

This week’s best:
1. Lots of you have really excelled at putting links in your stories. Ops’ Shawn Gude and Justin Sugg stood out this week. They both put useful links in their Point/Counterpoint.
2. Photogs Julie Koehn and David Scrivner did an excellent job shooting and updating from the road this weekend at the Michigan State game.
3. Metro reporter Katie Stinsom did some good live tweeting from the City Council forum last week. Check her out on twitter.
Something from the pros:
Check out these local twitter users:
METRO: Nick Bergus
OPINIONS: John Deeth
ARTS: Don McLeese
SPORTS: Dave Schwartz
TV: Joe Winters
PHOTO: Todd Adamson


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