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Register cartoonist Brian Duffy said he was escorted from building after being laid off.

Posted in economy, Gannett, layoffs, The Des Moines Register by adambsullivan on December 9, 2008

 WHO TV out of Des Moines aired an interview with Brian Duffy (arguably the most prolific newspaper cartoonist in Iowa, if not the nation who was fired last week by The Des Moines Register).

In the interview Duffy said he’s cancelled his subscription to The Register and he blames the newspaper industry’s hardships on corporations (ahem, Gannett) that buy up local papers, but don’t care about local citizens. Most shockingly, Duffy said his bosses at the Register told him to stay put while they retrieved his belongings and escorted him from the premises.

Unfortunately, Duffy’s cruel firing is just one of more than a thousand in the last few days. Nick Bergus (Iowa City journalist/UI instructor) makes sense of what Gannett has done for the news industry:

So besides the huge color weather map that now adorns the back of every newspaper’s A section, what has Gannett offered the newspaper industry that has been so good to it and its shareholders (to the tune of 40 percent profit margins even recently)? A business model that prevents news companys from caring about news quality instead of profits.

– Gannett continues to kill Iowa’s newspapers, Nick Bergus, Dec. 7


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