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Review: Howcast. 4 our of 5.

Posted in chips, fuck yourself, how to, internet, self help, videos, youtube by adambsullivan on October 22, 2008

There’s a lot of stupid things on the internet. Likewise, there’s a lot of stuff on YouTube that sucks.

Every once in a while, I come across a user or publisher that has some good vids. Rarely, however, are videos both informative, creative, and entertaining. Howcast is all of those things, though.
Essentailly, each two-minute video details how to do a given task. They range from silly (How To Go Fuck Yourself) to practical (How To Clean With Alka-Seltzer).
The sound effects and soundtrack are fun at first, but they get old pretty fast. Still, the videos offer professional-grade graphics and videography. They’re worth taking a look at.
How To Seal a Bag of Chips without a Clip

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