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Power Ranger murder trial!

Posted in Uncategorized by adambsullivan on October 7, 2008

Skylar Deleon is on trial for the murder of two people in 2004. (Associated Press – Jury selection begins in yacht killings trial) He allegedly killed an older couple by pushing them off their yacht, leaving them to drown, and driving away with their boat.

Sounds peculiarly tragic. Here’s the zinger: Deleon was on one episode of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers when he was a child. Unable to remember lines, his career as an actor ended prematurely. He joined the Marines, but was discharged with an unexcused absence shortly thereafter.
It gets better: Deleon’s alleged accomplices in the case were a corrections officer that Deleon met while he was in jail for burglary and a man named John F. Kennedy. In addition to the three alleged murderers, Deleon’s young child and pregnant wife were also on the yacht during the alleged killings.
While in prison awaiting trial, Deleon partially severed his penis with a razor blade in an alleged suicide attempt.
I will be very disappointed if a major motion picture doesn’t come from this situation.

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  1. willson said, on December 2, 2008 at 5:53 am

    it sounds interesting and would like to download power ranger episodes murder trial if any link would be recommended here.

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