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How to access mobile email from any sms-equipped device.

Posted in Uncategorized by adambsullivan on October 2, 2008

I rely on email quite a bit; talking to my editors, receiving info for classes, contacting my hott girlfriend. Unfortunately, I don’t always have internet access. My phone cost like $12, so (I thought) mobile email access was out of the question.

1. Access your email’s settings. Most (gmail and Yahoo! for sure) should have an option to automatically forward email messages to another email address.
2. Find out what your cell phone’s email address is. For instance, U.S. Cellular customers use X@email.uscc.net, where X=your 10-digit mobile number. Most mobile providers will have something like that. If you can’t seem to figure it out, try X@teleflip.com, where X=your 10-digit mobile number
3. Plug your phone’s email address into your email settings’ forwarding address.
It usually takes a little bit for messages to be forwarded and they’re often split up into several different messages. At the very least, however, you’ll know that you have an email waiting for you and you’ll know who it’s from!

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