Hi. My name is Adam.

All systems go.

Posted in Uncategorized by adambsullivan on January 15, 2008

Things are going exceptionally well as of late.

Newspaper would be stressful if I hadn’t more or less detached myself from all the word except that which is directly mine. It’s not best for the paper’s quality, but it’s best for my sanity.

School is fine. I’ve accepted that I’m not going to get anything better than a C in math (and maybe not even better than a D!) and that’s okay. I’ve already been accepted to Iowa and 2nd and 3rd tri grades won’t be on anything I send with scholarship applications.

My social life is going very well. My circle of friends is shrinking but I suppose that’s just a natural means of weeding out the unnecessary ones. The friends I still hang out with on a regular basis are the ones I need. It will surely make the transition out o high school easier, as well. Rachel and I are really great…from my end, at least.

Speech is good. We’re hit or miss most days, but I think come districts we’ll be a hit. We’ll just have to wait and see, I suppose.

I’m going to write a novel someday. I don’t know what it will be about. Here are some possible titles for it:
Diving In
Last Impressions
I’m Okay
Of Mice and Men
This Book Does Not Rhyme and There’s No Rhythm
Half Smile
November Slide
Butter Is So Good


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