Hi. My name is Adam.

Adventures in Israeli sledding.

Posted in Uncategorized by adambsullivan on December 31, 2007

Today was a good day. I went downtown and did a lot of thing with Rachel for a while. It was really nice. Then, tonight, I met up with some guys with no plans whatsoever. We ended up hitting a few of the hot sledding spots in Iowa City. It was too dark, entirely too cold and our jeans and sweatshirts could hardly be considered proper winter gear. But we did it anyway. We started at Riverside, went to Lincoln, got scared and finally returned to Riverside for a few more runs. The ice ramp was killing my ass on the landings but it was fun anyway. After about 10 minutes another car rolled up. Two men and three women piled out. The men approached, smelling strongly of whiskey. They asked me my name and introduced themselves with indistinct accents. They told me they were travelers from Israel. I insisted they take a few runs down the hill on our sleds. The two men and one of the women accepted graciously and they had some fun on the hill. The other two women stayed on top to smoke cigarettes and make small talk with us in broken English.

Like most (all) of my stories, there’s no real point here. I just thought it was a fun encounter. They were really nice and all…regardless of each one’s questionable sobriety. If there’s a point to this story (there isn’t) it’s that sledding is the one great unifier. It crosses ethnic, cultural and language barriers to bring everyone in the world a little bit closer. Just kidding. That’s dumb.


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